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“If your home’s too cool for a traditional photo or painting of Fido, consider hiring Janet Burt, the artist behind Rainbowdog. Burt’s acrylic paintings are thoroughly modern and aim to capture your dog’s playful personality. Tongues and tails are sure to wag.”
- Caroline O’Halloran, Flair


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Rainbowdog - Pet Portraits by Janet Burt

pizzazHow to Order. It's easy . . . It's quick . . . It's fun!

STEP 1 Email your favorite photos of your pet to Janet. I need close-up, in-focus shots where I can see your dog's eyes. I can only paint what I see. Check out my dog photo tips for pointers if you want to take some new shots yourself.

STEP 2 Let me know about your pet's personality, including endearing traits, special toys, or whatever else makes him or her unique. The more I know, the better able I am to capture your pet's personality on canvas.

i'm prettySTEP 3 What size and shape portrait do you have in mind? Do you have any color preferences or special ideas for the background? We'll talk to iron out the details. I'll give you plenty of suggestions to choose from -- so that your portrait will fit both your decor and your pocketbook.

STEP 4 I'll give you a firm price for your portrait. Prices below are a starting point for a straightforward, one-dog painting with a simple background. For additional pets on the same canvas, please add 30 percent per pet to the prices below. Detailed backgrounds wlll cost a bit more. I ask for a 50 percent deposit to start work, which we can do using either PayPal or checks.

STEP 5 I start painting! Once your portrait is complete, I will email you a digital photo of the painting for your approval. Minor changes can be made at this point, if necessary. I'll keep painting until you're completely satisfied with the final result. The final 50 percent (including shipping) is due upon approval.

I offer portraits in many sizes. Some starting points are:

Small, "faces only" portraits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . starting at 10 x 10 inches . . . . $295
Medium "show me some more" portraits . . . starting at 16 x 20 inches . . . . .$550
Large "wow factor" portraits . . . . . . . . . . . . . starting at 24 x 36 inches . . . . $1,000

Other sizes are available. Just ask if you have something different in mind. (I don't paint smaller than 10 x 10, though. Too fussy to paint!)

Please note that the small, 10 x 10 canvas size is best for "faces only" paintings of small dog breeds. If you have a larger dog, want more or all of your dog's body in the painting, larger sizes will work better. Please just ask me for recommendations if you have any questions. This is a custom work of art, so your portrait will be tailored to your needs!

Yo QuieroNo framing necessary! Rainbowdog portraits are painted on 1 1/2 inch deep, gallery wrap canvases, with the sides painted a contrasting, complementary color. It's a modern, clean presentation ready to be hung as-is. Bonus: you save big bucks by skipping the framing.

Shipping is additional.  If you're not local to me in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, and can't pick up your painting in person, I'll give you a firm quote on shipping costs and add them to the final amount due once you have approved the painting.

Do you need help with the photos? If you live in the Philadelphia area, I will come to your house or favorite dog hangout to meet you and your dog, and take lots of photos myself. This guarantees that I have the best photo to work from. Portrait price includes travel to your location up to a 30 minute drive. A small travel fee applies for sessions beyond that.

Is this a gift? Gift certificates are available if you want to allow your special someone to be in on the planning of a new Rainbowdog.