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“If your home’s too cool for a traditional photo or painting of Fido, consider hiring Janet Burt, the artist behind Rainbowdog. Burt’s acrylic paintings are thoroughly modern and aim to capture your dog’s playful personality. Tongues and tails are sure to wag.”
- Caroline O’Halloran, Flair


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Rainbowdog - Pet Portraits by Janet Burt

About me. And why I paint dogs.

We all have our passions, even my Rainbowdog mascots, Sylvie and Stella. Sylvie is passionate about barking for no reason. Stella has a deep and abiding interest in squirrels.



As for me, I've been crazy about dogs for as long as I can remember. In this picture, can you see how seriously I am gazing at my first dogs, Peaches and Burton? We are definitely on the same wave length. (I think we all want cookies.)

I feel that

Art show!

And as this newspaper clipping illustrates, I've always thought dogs make fabulous subjects for paintings.

Art and dogs are passions I have never outgrown. Some other things on my A-list are:

my honeyThe art of Henri Matisse
Rhubarb pie (must be home-made, or forget it)
Hiking in the woods
Wes Anderson movies
Strong coffee

If one of your passions is your dog, then we understand each other. I believe that every pet has a unique personality — and deserves a portrait to match.

With bright color and unconventional composition, my paintings capture each dog's inner spark on canvas. My work is modern, playful, and each portrait is custom-made to be a unique work of art.

Since 2007, I've created hundreds of Rainbowdog portraits that hang in collections all over the U.S. and abroad. My work is — I hope — generating smiles on a daily basis.

Life's more fun when it's colorful, don't you agree?